1. Storefronts again! :)

    Photo taken in Kyoto.

  2. "Please wait for a while before crossing!" :)

  3. Storefronts, storefronts! :) Sorry.. I forgot where this is.. T_T

  4. Tickets to Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto. I always love the tickets here, the paper is made of a special type, and it even smells good! :P

  5. You couldn’t ask for a more peaceful environment for a gas station store..

    Photo taken on the way to Kyoto.

  6. These plastic bags are later reused by the temple. :) エゴですね。

    Photo taken at Takayama Jinya, Gifu.


  7. yo-tsu-ba replied to your photo: It’s garbage day! I just learned that Japanese…

    This is really helpful! Thank you so much! :)

  8. It’s garbage day! I just learned that Japanese culture, you have to thoroughly separate the type of trash into different bags and place the bag according to the days of the week for each specific type. Does that make sense? Hopefully I’m right about this. :P

    It is interesting though! All the countries should have this system! Not just.. trash vs recyclables!

    Photo taken in .. somewhere in Takayama, Gifu. (well, I was leaving Takayama at the time)

  9. Little onzen area. Especially for soaking… no.. relaxing your feet. :) 

    Just a note, this water is EXTREMELY HOT. I couldn’t keep my feet in for more than a few seconds!!! But .. it’s interesting, nonetheless. :P

    Photo taken in Takayama, Gifu.

  10. Beautiful and peaceful Takayama.

    If you want to go to Japan, somewhere people don’t really go, go to Takayama! Please! Visit this beautiful prefecture! Now! Well, technically it’s in Gifu. :)

  11. The sign says “Oyasumi” or “good night” or “holiday”.. either one.. LOL And I’m sorry, I couldn’t read the rest.. my kanji ability is failing me.. T_T

    Same little shrine area as photo below.

    Photo taken in Takayama, Gifu.

  12. Little shrine area for washing your hands and mouth. :) I found this near the ryoukan I was staying in. The weather at that time was so perfect and the environment was simply peaceful.

    Photo taken in Takayama, Gifu. 


  13. fireeater54 said: your photos are beautiful!

    Thank you so much!  : )

  14. A manhole cover at Osaka castle. I like this one in particular because of the colors. : )

    (And I actually have loads more photos of manhole covers, I wanted to collect all of them and make them into one post. I’ll make sure to do this soon!)

  15. I really prefer walking “outside” the main walking path of Shinsaibashi. Much quieter out here. : )